About PlanBuddy

Social planning made fun

PlanBuddy makes planning to go out with friends extremely easy and fun. Gone are the days of hysteria, when planning to hang out with friends needed the organizing skills of a CEO and the patience of a monk.With the PlanBuddy smart messaging app, which allows everyone to pitch in their choices in an organised way, you can easily plan going out for movies, events, treks, sports or to just hang out with your mains. So lets unleash the fun, and never be bored again !!

Memorable experiences

Our experiences are created by passionate bloggers,foodies and wanderers who love to share them with you. Also if you are sociophile, you can meet new interesting people bit by the same bug of living life to the fullest.

Personalized deals

Discover thousands of things to do in your city, personalized for you and your friends in real time.We work to get you the best deals that are relevant to your plan so that you do not miss out on amazing offers