Five Dishes, Besides Briyani, You Must Try When In Hyderabad

Posted on Thursday 30th August

Hyderabad beyond Biryani: five dishes you must try when you are in Hyderabad

Pearls, Charminar and silver ornaments take a backseat when it comes to food talk in Hyderabad. This place is every food lover’s paradise and tagging it as ‘Biryani capital of India’ is such an injustice and disservice to all the delicacies that this place offers. So, waste no time and be a glutton while you are here Because there is every chance that the food that you are going to find here will not be found anywhere else on this planet. Here are 5 dishes from Hyderabad that will suddenly redefine the reason for your existence:

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1. Khubani ka meetha

Source: Youtube I Know dessert comes last but I have a sweet tooth and could not control my undying desire to give this sweetmeat the first position on the list. The dried apricot dessert is extremely popular in this royal town and is served in almost all the weddings and traditional functions. Khubani ka meetha is made with dried apricot and sugar syrup, once they reach a soupy consistency a dollop of fresh cream is poured to augment the flavor. Finally, a generous amount of blanched badam is sprinkled over it that ends up making it even more irresistible.

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2. Haleem

Source: HALEEM365 This list is definitely incomplete without a mention of Haleem. And here we are, singing odes in the glory of this heavenly gift by Nizams. This unique rendition of Arabic stew made using a mix of meat and pounded wheat and lentils is to die for. And believe me, the tinge of traditional masalas in Hyderabadi haleem makes it truly irresistible.

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3. Dalcha

Source:AWESOMECUISINE Mutton? Daal? On days when it becomes just impossible to decide whether you want to have daal or mutton, Dalcha comes with a perfect answer. This delicacy lets you savor the taste of tender meat and Bengali gram together tossed in traditional masalas. Moreover, if you wish to enhance the taste even more, just add caramelized onions while serving and there! you got your new favorite.

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4. Paaya

As the name says, this food item is prepared using goat and sheep’s trotters. Though this dish is famous all over Asia, Hyderabadi Paaya uses a good variety of spices and thus is distinctly remembered. The meat is tossed in roasted spices for many hours that gives it rich succulent flavor. Remember to serve it piping hot with steamed rice and experience a blast of flavors in your mouth.

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5. Shahi Tukda

Source:TARLADALAL Someone(me) once said,”meal that starts with sweet and ends with sweet is the best kind of meal” The name says it all, it indeed is Shahi (royal) in its preparation as well as taste. This shahi tukda made with bread and cream is going to be one of the most sumptuous desserts that you have ever tasted. No doubt it comes from the house of nawabs because the burst of rich creamy flavor is sure to give you a trans and is definitely a sinful indulgence for those who have a sweet tooth compulsion. Well, this list is not even a glance at what Hyderabad food bazaar has in store. So try these dishes and get the foodathon going. This is a quick glimpse into some of the best dishes in Hyderabad. If you are looking for the best places to try it, stay tuned.

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