One-on-One with a Life Coach - Time to get uncomfortable
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RNA Arcade, A/22 Krystal Avenue, 4th Cross Lane, Lokhandwala Complex, Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053, India
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I Coach People Who May be Facing Issues Or Having A Difficult Time In Different Areas & Aspects Of Their Life Including Career, Health, Relationships, Social Interactions, Confidence & Self-esteem, Emotional Independence, General Confusion, Conflict Management, And More. 

This session is not a 'typical event'. You will need to make an appointment for a session at a time of your convenience.  You Will Be The Only One In The Session Which Makes it Highly Personalised, Private And Purposeful To You.

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Duration:  2 hours 30 mins. 

Fee:  Rs. 2500/- (Includes in-office session plus limited phone assistance post the session, related to the topic of the discussion)

Day & Time:  

Meetings Are By Appointment Only. You can make an appointment at your preferred day and time. Office hours are:

Monday to Friday- 10 AM to 6 PM

Saturday - 10AM to 3PM

The Office is Closed on Sunday.

Who Can Come For This Session?

Anyone Between The Ages 16 And 65! I Coach Teens And Adults.

     **Coaching Is Often Mistaken For Psychotherapy, Counselling Or Consulting. It Is Different From Any Of These Fields!**


The Coaching Sessions Will Take Place At My Office-Based near The Model Town Area Of Andheri West (close to Lokhandwala), Mumbai.

How Can I Help?

As A Coach, I Can Help You In Dealing With The Big And Small Problems that Life Hands Out. Sometimes, All It Takes Is A Slight Change In Perspective Or Just Some Clarity. Other Times, It May Take Sheer Will To Recognize The Problem And A Lot Of Courage To Make Changes. Either Way, I Help You Take Action And Move Towards The Life You Want And The Person You Want To Be.

In this session, I will challenge you, in an empathetic & respectful manner. The purpose? So that YOU begin to See Yourself, Your Circumstances and Your Life in a different light. This shift will propel you to do new, different things in life or do the same things differently.

Benefits From Coaching 

Change & Growth Achieved Through Coaching Will Last You A Lifetime - You Will Go Through A Transition (External) And Transformation (Internal) In Life With A Fresh, New Perspective And Approach To Tackling Life And Difficulties.

About Me 

I Am Priyanka Gelli, And I'm A Trained & Experienced Life Coach & Personal Development Coach. I Have Trained On The Neuro-scientific Method Of Coaching Under Some Of The Best Coaches In The Industry At The Neuroleadership Institute. My Certification is better known in the industry as 'Results Coaching'. I Am Also The Founder Of Purple Feather Coaching. 

The Office

My Office Is A Unique Space - It Is Creative, Spacious, Fun And Well-lit. It's Equally Serene & Fun For Youngsters And Adults Alike!

A Little About My Coaching Process.

It Is My Aim As A Coach To Ensure That Change & Growth Happen On 2 Levels Externally (Visible) As Well As Internally. Therefore, Along With Setting And Achieving Goals In Any Area Of Life, I Also Help You..


-Understand and


Your Present, Unhelpful Patterns (Thought, Behaviour, Habit) So That You Can Approach Problems & People Effectively And Make Your Life Easy.

So Yes, I Challenge You Through The Coaching Process, But In An Empathetic & Respectful Manner.

(Please Note: Purple Feather Coaching Has The Right To Use its Discretion To Decline Or Refuse To Coach An Individual And/or On A Topic. It is Under No Such Obligation, Whatsoever).