Andharban Monsoon Jungle Trail
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28th Sep 10:00 pm - 29th Sep 09:00 pm₹1500
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Event Details:
  • Event Grade: Medium
  • Endurance Level: Medium
  • Type: Jungle Trail
  • Height of location: 2100 ft approx.
  • Location: Mulshi Dam, Pimpri Gaon
  • Total time required to reach base: 5 hours from Mumbai
  • Total time required for trail: 6 to 7 hrs of normal walk
  • Duration: 1 Night 1 Day
  • Cost: Rs.1,350/-
About Andharban:
Andharban, by it’s name means a dark dense forest. It is a descend trek, where you are already on height and you will descending till end. It is one of the most beautiful trek and lots of things to explore.
Colourful Wildflowers add on the verdant landscape. This is one of the greatest treks in our area. Evergreen forest covers you with shade in first half of the trek.
While on the route we can see the beauty of places like Ghangad, Tailbaila, Sarasgad, Plus valley, Tamhini ghat, Kundalika valley.
The trek concludes at yet another dam called the Bhira dam which is also the source of the Kundalika river which is famous for its White Water Rafting.30% of the trek is all descend and remaining is normal walking
Major Attractions:
  • A beautiful trek in evergreen forest in Tamhini Ghat.
  • Beautiful views of Bhira dam backwaters
  • Kundalika valley views
  • Waterfalls all the way
  • Crossing the streams and enjoying natural bath
  • Plus valley